Our digital marketing practice is actively helping our clients leverage SharePoint to improve their customer engagements.

The explosion in new media and online commerce has so intensified the business of marketing that literally every touch with the customer today counts. Digital marketers at companies and agencies worldwide are in critical need of fast access to cross-channel insights and easy to use analytics so they can optimize those critical customer connections to better compete and impact the bottom line.  

Our capabilities include developing rich solutions for Microsoft SharePoint for Internet Sites (versions 2010 and 2013), Microsoft FAST Search Server technology, and the Microsoft Silverlight browser plug-in. We leverage the entire family of SharePoint products to help meet customers’ needs, providing a unified platform for diverse types of web sites with solutions based on familiar authoring tools and processes.  Our SharePoint innovations deliver key results to our customers, from enhanced user experiences to cost cutting and increased agility.

To support this effort we are continuing to deepen our strategic connection with Atlas Solutions and further develop our award-winning digital marketing solution, SightN2 for Digital Marketing.

Focused on BI, Nihilent Technologies' SightN2 for Digital Marketing is a pre-built digital marketing solution that enables marketers to use advanced analytics to measure and manage the effectiveness of their digital marketing spend. Part of Nihilent Technologies expanding family of SightN2 products, this solution improves digital marketing performance by delivering critical insights that facilitate return on marketing investment, a more connected consumer experience, and by simplifying the business of marketing.