Healthcare is an ever-evolving industry that must constantly adapt to new technologies and innovations, changing economic landscapes, and new government initiatives; all the while striving to ensure the best outcomes for patients. SightN2™ for Healthcare is a modular business intelligence solution that features patent-pending technology that automates the preparation and presentation of control charts. It is designed to help healthcare organizations identity and take actions on areas of opportunity and concern in the delivery of patient care, cost management, and more.

Nihilent's development and consulting team has broad and extensive experience within the healthcare industry. SightN2™ for Healthcare intuitively joins data that already exists in most electronic medical record, billing, coding, financial management, and operations applications. Business Intelligence tools applied to Six Sigma Management Strategy Statistics, Predictive Analytics, Performance Measure tracking, and advanced demographic analysis capabilities provide intelligent insights into healthcare data.
SightN2™ for Healthcare is designed to monitor existing standards and expectations, and to provide the necessary insights for improvements and new discoveries. It is built with the goal of improving both the quality of care and the bottom line for our clients.
This video provides a brief summary of the solution. Click here to view the video on YouTube.