Big Data
Big Data technology allows you to leverage unstructured data in your organization which can account for up to 85% of all data that is generated. Log files, operational component data, sensor data and more can finally be organized and utilized with Microsoft’s Analytics Platform System (APS) having massively parallel processing (MPP) data warehouse technology in the SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW).  Along with Azure HDInsight, Microsoft’s 100% Apache Hadoop distribution, your Big Data can be harnessed and pulled into Business Intelligence tools such as Excel with PowerPivot.
Nihilent can help you organize and make your big Data accessible for many types of solutions including, but not limited to:
·         Marketing – Gain a competitive advantage by using Big Data technology to analyze log files, transaction details, and more for an unparalleled understanding of your customers and their needs
·         Manufacturing – Monitor and optimize manufacturing processes by gaining insights into sensor and component data, and integrate with quality and warranty claims data
·         Healthcare – Organize and harness medical device data, intranet and mobile device log files, and operational transaction data
·         Fraud Detection – Gain access to large unstructured log files, operational activity data, and then flag potential fraudulent activities using Machine Learning and Business Intelligence tools