Powerful, Scalable, Adaptable Machine Learning Solution-Now Within Reach!

Traditionally, the power of Machine Learning to offer predictive capabilities and advanced analytics was coupled with high infrastructure expenses, expensive human resource requirements and long project cycles.

Organizations have typically used data to analyze past decisions and determine plans based upon the interpretation of reports. As the 21st century progresses, the struggle for competitive advantage will shift from using data retrospectively to using data to formulate recommendations and predictions. The age of the data drive culture is upon us.

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning are the future, and the future is now within reach. Nihilent's Data Science team can help you build your data driven culture and take your business intelligence strategy to the next level of maturity.

With Azure ML, machine learning can be a realistic component of your data driven strategy. Models can be created within Azure, bypassing the need for a specialized infrastructure. Additionally, Azure ML contains tried and true Microsoft algorithms out-of-the-box, which make machine learning model development agile, and which do not require specialized code.

Contact our Data Science team to get started on your data driven strategy or to learn more about our services and solutions!

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